February Meetup - Testing Services with Pact

Thu 23rd February 2023 18:30
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We’ll be meeting at CodeClan on Castle Terrace, on Thurs 23rd Feb, 18:30 for drinks & pizza, a 19:00 start for the talks.

Note the change of venue!

Our talks are geared towards introducing members of our community, to facilitate networking, mentorship, learning and collaboration. People with all levels of technical expertise are welcome.

This month we have a talk on Testing services with Pact from Diego Herrera, and XSLT from Allan Lloyds.

This is a good opportunity to find out more about JavaScript developers in Edinburgh, and to see what they are working on. If you are unable to make it, then you can tune in on our livestream, available via the website.

As well as a new venue this month, we have also set up a Discord server for people to share links, tips, jobs and JavaScript problems. Join via the link on scottishtechnology.club.

If you will have financial difficulty in paying for transport to the event then please do let us know, as we have a diversity and hardship fund.

We have spaces for another technical talk or “community intros” in the following months, so if you want to showcase a side project or talk about your JavaScript development journey then please do fill out our speakers form.