November Meetup - Esri Maps & Playwright Testing

Tue 21st November 2023 18:30
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We’ll be meeting at FanDuel on Freer Street (their new offices, next to the canal), on Tuesday 21st November, 18:30 for drinks & pizza, a 19:00 start for the talks.

Our talks are geared towards introducing members of our community, to facilitate networking, mentorship, learning and collaboration. People with all levels of technical expertise are welcome.

This month we have two speakers:

Introduction to Esri’s Maps SDKs for native and web development by Rachael Ellen Testing Mail Services with Playwright by Kat Kmiotek

We will have some pizza and drinks available before the talks: a great chance to socialise and network with fellow JavaScripters. Please RSVP so we have rough numbers for catering.

We have set up a Discord server for people to share links, tips, jobs and JavaScript problems. We will be posting slides after the event there. Join via the link on

If you will have financial difficulty in paying for transport to the event then please do let us know, as we have a diversity and hardship fund.

Our meetup is sponsored by KPV LAB Edinburgh - Building next-generation platforms and experiences to explore and visualise information and knowledge.

Many thanks to FanDuel for providing us with a venue.